How to study for back-to-back exams?


The word “exam” in itself can be really fearful and stressful. Majority of students are always not satisfied with their preparation and have the fear of failure, thus switching to last moment cramming or surfing the internet to find ways to study.

When the students can’t prepare for exams when blessed with multiple days leaves, it’s easy to imagine how they will fare with consecutive exams.

Where do I start from?

Why do we all struggle to give exams?

Lack of motivation:

There are a lot of reasons distracting you from your studies. But have you ever wondered why isn’t there a force strong enough to pull you towards studying? The simple answer is you are not thinking long term. Do you need to start questioning yourself what will you do in the future if you don’t study now? Is that the life you want after 5–10 years? The fact that you aren’t where you want to be should be enough motivation.

Lack of Sleep:

We all become caffeine dependent when we enter into college. Just 3–4 hours of sleep a day or lesser make our concentration waver. Poor sleep negatively impacts your motivation to study as well as your mental health. Start going to bed instead of staying up all night and procrastinating.

When you are calculating the time you have the and the syllabus left

Overestimating yourself

You think you can mug up everything at the last moment but it doesn’t happen, right? Here you are not being true to yourself. If you require more time than others to learn things why not start early?

Smart work instead of hard work

You have been working hard all your school but college is the place where you have to work smartly! Cramming books in college doesn’t help. You need to strategize and prioritize your life and work.

Not prioritising

Is watching a movie more rewarding than studying for the same time? You need to decide for yourself whether the time and effort you are spending on a particular task will reward you or not.

You and your friends running to complete the syllabus the night before exam

How to study in 1 day or less:

Reach home early:

After giving your exam don’t go to cafeterias or food joints because you think this might be your idea of relaxation or recreation. What you need to do is go home and sleep. Your body needs rest and so does your mind. A nap of 2–3 hours is enough to energize your body!

Eat something good

Eat something that refreshes your mind and provides you a boost of much-needed energy. You can munch on some nuts, fruits, cereal with milk, etc. Try to avoid fatty foods as they will make you lazy and hamper your concentration.

Eat healthy — will not make you lazy!

Create a study space

Studying on a bed feels tempting and a few moments later you might be found sleeping! Create a designated study space. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just a simple desk with a chair free from all distractions. Tell everyone in your family not to disturb you while you’re studying!

Gather your supplies

Gather all of your material be it notes, registers, stationery supplies, etc. Make sure you are not getting up every now and then to fetch for your material.

Notes over Textbooks

When you have only a few hours to prepare to try to study from notes, studying from a textbook will take more time and get less work done! Notes are better as they have to the point answer and nothing extra.

Take breaks

Take regular breaks of 5–10 mins after studying 60 or 90 minutes. Try to not indulge yourself in social media or technology. Listen to some soulful music, take a walk around your house among other things.

Stay hydrated

Drinking tons of water will really help clear out the toxins and boost your metabolism. Always keep a water bottle with you while you’re studying so you don’t take water breaks every 10 minutes or so.

Sleep is important

A good night’s sleep is necessary. You need to sleep for 3–4 hours in order for your body and mind to register everything you have learned in the evening. Pulling an all-nighter will help you only once or twice. Don’t stay up all night as it might result in you sleeping throughout the exam or sitting with a blank face during exam or acting irritated even.

Wake up early for revision

After sleeping for 3–4 hours, wake up on time in order to revise what all you did last night. Go through important questions and also see the questions which you haven’t even glanced once

Final thoughts:

Keep your mind relaxed. Try avoiding sitting with people who spread negativity or make you feel less confident. There are kids in every college who will tell you to do this or that as they think that is important at the last time. Don’t listen to them as it will create last minute panic. Just give a read to whatever you have done and that’s it.

No last minute cramming as it would be a futile effort. Give your exam with full confidence. Don’t worry about the result or the mistakes you committed during the exam. Try not to repeat the same mistakes in the next exam. All the best!

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