Maintaining happy and healthy system

World’s greatest lie is ‘ that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate’ -alchemist    

As we all know that in this hectic and stressful lifestyle, we all need to calm down our mind in order to maintain an  active system and improve our decision making ability. 

To maintain an ​active system​ which is necessary these days so that we can have a good physical and mental health to become more efficient, here are a few tips for you    :

#Listen to music​ ,no doubt a good music can lift your mood up; also in various brain imaging research it is found that instrumental music releases dopamine in  good amount in our brain and it improves our memory.   

#10 minutes meditation and 10 minutes​ ​aerobic exercise​ can keep your mood much better and keep your body active and feel light and happy. Also adding fruits to your diet can help maintain good mental health. 

#Ensure a ​good and sound sleep every night​ to make sure that the happy chemical dopamine is released in your mind in good amount to make it work efficiently 

#Get out in the sun​ : yes, you read it right ,the deficiency of sunlight in our body can make you depressed .make sure you get the early morning or evening sunlight to get suncharged.    

# Intermittent fasting​:  get it into your lifestyle 

–Firstly, it is not a diet, it is a pattern of eating it is a way to schedule your meals so that your body gets the maximum benefit of each meal.

–Your body does not go on starvation mode. It is designed to survive short periods of fasting in order to benefit one’s health.

–It makes your workouts more effective

–Your eating plans become simpler

–Helps you stave off emotional eating

–Lowers insulin level

–Helps Maintaining a healthy body weight

–Reduces risk of chronic health condition

— Allows your body to clean up toxins ,regulate functionality of other organs and help clear your skin. 


-Eat within 8 hours and then don’t have solid food other 16 hours


-24 hour fast it stop it for one of few days every week means occasional fasting   

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