Hacking Internships!


During my 4 years in college, the one thing that I repeatedly saw was how my friends were tensed about scoring meaningful internships. Semester after semester the magnitude of stress increased, yet no results — no meaningful internships!

I looked into the problem and I thought to myself how hard it can be to score an internship? I got the answer — it is DIFFICULT.

But for some reason, I scored internships time and again with one simple rule — do not apply the same way hundreds of students are applying!

I’ll try to point down what exactly I did which helped me focus on the things that actually mattered and ignore the noise.


We at NotesHub are a startup and we check every single mail that lands in our inbox, be it someone asking for study material or asking for an opportunity to intern at NotesHub.

With this fact in mind, I started looking for companies that were hiring interns. This is where your skills of stalking come handy!

Visit platforms like LinkedIn and try to locate the companies that you want to intern at. Write the name of the company in an Excel Sheet.

Then go to various websites like Internshala, Let’s Intern, Angel.co and list down the names of the startups that are currently hiring interns for the profile you are looking for in the Excel Sheet. The target is to jot down 50 such startups. Once your list reaches 50, you can stop.

Don’t be afraid to contact directly!


Once you have a list of 50 companies, you need to add a new column in your Excel Sheet — Point of Contact!

The next step includes a little bit of stalking and a ton of small talk. Now you have to take every company on the list one by one and then google them. Try to get their HR’s/Career’s email id and add them to the Excel Sheet. You can find the email id’s in the footer of the company’s website or in the careers section.

Once this is done, you need to go to LinkedIn and start stalking people working at these 50 companies. Believe me, if you make 1 good relationship with an employee working at these startups, you’ll have a foot in the door. Talk to them — politely!

But do not talk to anyone (any profile) at the company and do not talk to the HR at the company in any circumstances. Search for the employee working in the same profile you are interested in interning for. Ask him/her if their company is hiring for interns and what skill set an intern must have to intern in their company. Not only this ASK him/her if they can glance through your resume and give feedback!

Now the trick here is that if this is a startup, and if you get selected in this very startup, you’ll be working in his/her team. Get the idea why this person is perfect to tell you about the skill set!

Once you are making professional relationships with these employees, keep adding their names to the excel sheet. This way you’ll not only have the HR’s email id where you can reach out to the company directly but also a person who could root for you!

Cover letter that matters


Now you need to put a sexy mail in place. This “sexy” mail is also called “The Cover Letter”.

The subject of the mail must be intriguing enough to compel the HR to open your mail. Then your cover letter must be “sexy” enough to compel the HR to open your resume. Write everything about you which is NOT on your resume in your cover letter while closing the cover letter with the links to your work.

Cold emailing startups is one of the best ways to reach out to them, to get their attention.

If this is your FIRST internship — it is highly recommended that you inform them that you are ready to work for FREE as well!

Now I am not undermining anything here, I am just helping you to increase your chances to get an internship of YOUR CHOICE at a company of YOUR LIKING. At the end of the day, all you need is just one internship (a meaningful one) where you can learn a shit load and then leverage that experience to land next internships with stipends.

Why cold emailing?

Cold emailing because you need to have your application STAND-OUT with respect to other students applying. Imagine if you are applying in a startup for an internship through internships aggregating platforms, 1000+ students are also applying the same way, which results in your application getting ignored/lost in the process.

Cold emailing with a purpose clearly explained and expressing honestly on what you can bring to the table attracts the company’s attention. And this is a fact that you cannot sell a product without having the buyer’s attention.


This is how I landed internships time and again. The trick is to apply like no one is applying.

If you found this useful and somehow land an internship, do let us know at support@noteshub.co.in

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