GGSIPU Migration Issue Timeline

August marks the start of a new semester but more importantly start of a new year at college for many. It was the same for Migrated Students as well who got NOC from both Colleges (Which they were getting admitted to and which they were leaving) and were supposedly admitted in IPU.

But things weren’t such simple as it seemed to be. In reality Migrated students weren’t officially in IPU neither there was an update from the university regarding official Roll Numbers or Admission Status. Things went on, newly admitted students slowly got comfortable with the new environment. But just before 1 month of End Term Exams, IPU released a notice on site, for students who got admission in IPU officially. With no reason or merit, some names are omitted from the list with no official reason. Students who actually got into the list were very few in numbers. This as expected created a lot of ruckus.

The victims, students lodged a case against IPU for this injustice which held a big importance for students who had already left their previous colleges and did the necessary to shift here. With exams nearing in, students involved in this situation couldn’t focus on what mattered. Exams scheduled for mid-November had their date sheet released, which was normal for an IPU student but things took a turn for worse. Due to the case of IPU Vs Students (suffering from the senseless decision by IPU) exams happening as scheduled was a low possibility. And that’s what happened Exams got delayed by a couple of weeks.

Now with exams within sights students needed to shift their focus from court to books. With uncertainty in the back of their mind it was always difficult to focus on what was in front of them. Things continued as it is for quite some time. Then out of the blue there were some rumours of Exams getting postponed again, much to the students already tense minds.

IPU tried to shush these rumours with an official notice. But a few days later, they themselves confirmed Exams were delayed unfortunately. The exams weren’t just postponed, the whole date sheet was jumbled up, the gap between exams which was satisfactory to the students before, was randomly either decreased or increased. This made many students a bit worried because they needed to change their study plans to suit the new date sheet.

While this was ongoing Migrated Students got a sigh of relief as Court passed a temporary order where they were allowed to appear for exams with a temp roll no. But what was interesting here was only those who had registered the case against IPU were given such Roll Numbers, thus just a week before exams, migrated students who had kept themselves out of the court issue. Went with the court to register their complaint, A Bit against the clock but students got their admit cards.

Nothing much changed until January, but alas! Students won the case against IPU in the 1st week of January. An official order was also passed that students be admitted to IPU. It was good news to hear for all the students but it was also expected because they didn’t deserve any such problem, they had faced in the last 3-4 months.

But to have this actually implemented was a big problem. It had been been months since that order, students didn’t receive their roll no’s, they were still using the temp roll numbers for all purposes. Things didn’t only stop here. Student filed contempt of court against IPU. Court fined IPU and ordered them to complete the admission process. While this was a happy ending for the students it was also frustrating from them, this issue took a whole year to solve and left us a question, Should Students be made to suffer so much.

Based on the facts and information highlighted to us by a fellow student involved in this case. We don’t take an absolute guarantee of all the events noted above are all true.

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