How to Maintain Your Grades?

Getting to the 1st position is a mixture of hard work and dedication, ultimately extremely rewarding. But staying at the top or maintaining the standard you create for yourself is much more tough and demanding. Everyone aspires to excel in his/her studies if they want to focus on their academics, but once you reach there or arrive at a point where you’re happy with the outcome, one needs to understand how to keep it stable and hold onto your results.

Grades don’t define you but they are still a part of who you are, and an indication of your performance relating to what you have studied in life. Once you’re in college and have set your eyes on building up your career, it’s important to develop your skills and in the midst of this we neglect our core studies and hence who was once a promising student wavers a bit off track. While skills are the most important aspect we need to work on, our grades should be managed and maintained so that no problems are faced in the future.

One does not needs to spend hours mugging up the books to get a decent performance in exams, regular and sincere hard work will do the trick and help you in setting a bar for yourself.

Follow the do’s and dont’s


  1. Manage your studies and work on skill set equally.
  2. Avoid procrastination.
  3. Have determination and be sure to work hard.
  4. An overall goal in mind helps you gain a drive that you may have not had beforehand.
  5. Staying organized is extremely important.
  6. Focus on what interests you.


  1. TV and social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) in the background.
  2. Regularly pull all-nighters.
  3. Panicking in a crunch situation.
  4. Rely primarily on someone else’s outline or study aids.

One rarely depends completely on books, rather tries to find other resources which are short and concise. Maintaining your grades requires you to be systematic, one thing to always do so as to not waste the time, is to organize resources in one place which will act as reference material. After following everything written above, one might wonder or ask themselves, where to find appropriate sources other than the prescribed books to refer upon. Before the start of any semester, scan through the internet (Google to the rescue 😊), and collect sources such as video tutorials, notes or e-books in one folder. Due to this you will be able to manage time well because you already know things that are needed to be covered during exams while working on your skill set during the remaining period.

Plan. The only way to get what you want, when you want.

Usually this process is hassle free and benefits not only you but your peers as well. As to not hamper our progress and also not hurt our chances to have good exams, we shouldn’t study everything at peak time but each week we should have a particular day where we review the concepts covered that week and finish our work for next week. Following this for a certain period of time, you will observe a more organized nature towards college studies, while having plenty of time to dedicate to the development of skills. Following these small steps ensure a steadier and much stable process rather than mugging everything up a night before the exam. Not only it provides more assurance but you stay tension free and healthier by having good sleep rather than staying awake late night and not be your 100% the next day.

To sum it all up, Yes maintaining your grades is much harder than reaching the top, but if we follow a routine and be sure to follow it, we won’t find ourselves in any sort of pickle and will always be able to maintain our grades no matter the circumstances.

For the students out there, by:
Archit Gupta
College: Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering
Branch: Information Technology

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