NotesHub and Intrepid Geeks: Collaboration

NotesHub and Intrepid Geeks

What is NotesHub?

NotesHub was a project started with a vision to solve, as we knew it at that moment “A Problem” – never did we know that it was “THE PROBLEM”.

It is a one-stop destination for all engineering students (very soon expanding to other streams), be it any stream, any year or even a backlog! NotesHub is where all your study related queries, doubts, and your regular notes can be found! Most importantly we are trying to be a bridge between your 90% dreams and the current reality.

Besides providing online study material, meaningful blogs, and offline booklets we have also diversified ourself to present a platform where every student will now be empowered ask questions/doubts, help other students in need by not only answering questions but also attaching relevant files/images/links, start new discussions in dedicated categories and a lot more…


The study material that NotesHub provides includes:

  • Notes (Handwritten and Digital)
  • Previous year question papers (solved/unsolved)
  • eBooks
  • Practical Files

Apart from this, to make the community strong, NotesHub has:

The platform provides these services free of cost and through two major medium:

Because if you want to ace, NotesHub is the place (atleast that is what students say!)

What is Intrepid Geeks?

Intrepid GeeksIntrepid geeks is an online platform to seek quality education and knowledge not only at the academic level but also at a professional level too.

Although there are quality content creators in the market but none of them is trying to touch the pain part of the students. The pain points include unavailaibility of a friend like mentors with whom they can share their problems .
This is the need of the hour , with growing educational market the students are also getting confused which platform to opt .

The platform and the team is heavely dedicated towards serving the student community and thus wants to make a difference in thier lives. Intrepid Geeks is trying to accomplish this task via:

Intrepid Geeks has set an aim to bridge the gap between students and industry. The goal is to aware students about existing opportunities in the market along with academics.

Why this collaboration?

NotesHub and Intrepid Geeks

Keeping in mind the ultimate goal that is to help the students improvise and improve their skillset.

Two of the most loved platforms for all your study needs collaborating to provide an even better study experience in a single place. Notes, Videos, E-books, QnAs, whatever you could think of – We have it all.

Who should look forward to this collaboration?

Currently the platform is maintained for students of GGSIPU or GURU GOBIND SINGH INDRAPRASTHA UNIVERSITY. The platform has all the material for students pursuing B.Tech. The collaboration will help the students of GGSIPU or IP University to excel not only in studies but also in life as Intrepid Geeks takes care of student counselling as well.

Notes and other study material will be provided to you by NotesHub and video content with proper explainations will be provided by Intrepid Geeks!

As a result of the common goal, we decided to join hands. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring to you the biggest collaboration of the year!


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